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To be eligible for admission to the EECP for an Undergraduate Certificate, a student must: (a) be an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia and (b) have completed at least two semesters or three quarters of full-time enrollment (must be a rising sophomore). The Undergraduate Certificate Program is an interdisciplinary program and is not associated with any particular College or School. This means that, providing the two criteria for admission are met, students from any college, school, or discipline are eligible for admission. There is a four-year time limit to obtain the certificate. Under certain circumstances, the time limit may be extended. Appeals may be made to the Director.

Program of Study

Students show an interest in the EECP by filling out a simple application form. There is no application fee. Students complete a program of study form that lists the courses which they intend to take for their Certificate. Where applicable, courses taken by a student in the pursuit of a degree or other programs may be applied to the Undergraduate Certificate and vice versa. After the form is completed and signed by the Director, students are admitted into the Undergraduate Certificate Program. The undergraduate certificate requires a minimum of 18 credit hours, including 7 or 8 hours in three required courses, 7 or 8 hours in approved elective courses, and, upon completion of core and elective courses, an approved research paper in environmental ethics designated for at least 3 hours credit. At least one EECP faculty member must advise the research and writing of the undergraduate paper. An undergraduate student may select an advisor for his or her paper who is not a member of the EECP faculty. In that case, the student must also have an additional reader who is a member of the EECP faculty. Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, the Director notifies the Registrar's Office of the award of certification.

How to Apply

Application Form
Program of Study
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