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In describing what it meant to be a writer in the South, Flannery O’Connor wrote:

"The things we see, hear, smell, and touch affect us long before we believe anything at all, and the South impresses its image on us from the moment we are able to distinguish one sound from another. . . . This discovery of being bound through the senses to a particular society and a particular history, to particular sounds and a particular idiom, is for the writer the beginning of a recognition that first puts his work into real human perspective."

All across the American South, we need better ways to help people to understand that to be fully human means to be engaged with our landscapes and their native communities. In an effort to meet the challenge of protecting the natural environment of the South -- one of the fastest growing areas in America -- a group of writers has met since the late 1990s to discuss how they can better use their art to conserve southern landscapes.

Working with these writers beginning in 2001, the EECP developed a vision for a series of events to stimulate more and better writing about nature in the South. Since then, the multifaceted “Southern Nature Project” has resulted in a series of public conferences and readings, award-winning books, nationally broadcast radio programs, and writing workshops designed to nurture a new generation of southern nature writers.

For a complete list of the authors currently affiliated with the Southern Nature Project, please see the website

Photo of Woody Pond, Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge by James Holland

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