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1. Membership in the Faculty of Environmental Ethics shall be determined by majority vote of the EECP Faculty, and shall employ the following criteria:

a. a member of this Faculty shall be a regular teacher of an approved course in the Certificate Programs, or

b. shall have within the past two years guided or judged a Certificate paper, thesis or dissertation in the area of the Certificate or

c. shall be engaged in research or publication in the area of the Certificate.

2. New faculty and courses may be added at both the Fall and Spring Semester EECP faculty meetings.

3. Requirements for the Graduate or Undergraduate Certificate shall be modified as warranted by the EECP faculty and approved by the appropriate University committees and schools.

4. The Certificate Program shall be supervised by a Director responsible for the daily administration of the EECP, including scheduling of courses through the Registrar’s Office, administration of the EECP budget, and solicitation of funds to support the Program. The Director shall report directly to the Dean of the College of Environment and Design and shall carry out the work of the Program in consultation with the Executive Committee.

An advisory body known as the Executive Committee shall consist of six members, four members elected by the EECP Faculty; the Director and the Georgia Power Professor of Environmental Ethics shall serve as ex officio members. Four persons will be considered a quorum of the Executive Committee.

In consultation with the Dean of the College of Environment and Design, the Executive Committee shall recommend the person to be appointed by the Dean as the Georgia Power Professor of Environmental Ethics.

5. Any member of the EECP Faculty is eligible for election to the Executive Committee after being a member of the EECP Faculty for at least one year. Membership on the Executive Committee shall be for two years. A Faculty member may serve up to two consecutive terms on the Committee, after which the Faculty member will not be eligible for re-election until a hiatus of one year has passed. Terms shall be staggered such that two members are elected each year. Members will be elected in such a manner that the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences and the disciplines of the natural sciences are represented in each annual election.

6. The Executive Committee shall annually elect from among its members a Chair, who shall work closely with the Director in administering the Certificate program.

7. The Director shall call at least one meeting of the EECP Faculty each semester, with the exception of the summer.

8. These By-Laws shall be subject to amendment by approval of two-thirds of the members of the EECP Faculty present at a called meeting.

revised and adopted November 16, 2006

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